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DKGR Data Systems is a London-based technology studio, founded by Dr. David K.E. Green to provide multidisclinary services in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software and Engineering.

For more detail, you can look at David's CV. You can also look at his academic work and Google Scholar profile.

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Whatever your project, we can help you collect, generate, analyse and interpret your data. From predictive analytics to agent-based AI simulations, we can get things done.

If you could benefit from a better understanding of systems, simulations and data contact us!


Our founder David completed a B.E. Civil (Honours I) and a B.Sc. (Computer Science) at the University of New South Wales. His Computer Science studies focussed on Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Bayesian Machine Learning methods. He later worked in Civil Engineering, gained a PhD from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and then worked in multidisciplinary research.

While completing and after his undergraduate degrees, David worked as a Civil Engineer, with a focus on Geotechnical Engineering. This work was for both the government and for a consultancy and involved projects of major infrastructure including tunnels, roadways, rail, large excavations and multi-storey building foundations.

Most recently, he worked at the Alan Turing Institute, the U.K. National Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as a full time researcher as a part of the 'Data Centric Engineering' program. This work involved using Machine Learning for Engineering system predictive analytics.

Simultaneously, D.K.E. Green worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Warwick University Mathematics Institute.


Combining Computer Science with Civil Engineering, David gained experience on High Performance and physical simulation models.

He also has extensive programming experience in a number of languages (but prefers C++ and Python). He has a deep understanding of Software Engineering and architecture concerns such as design pattern, algorithmic analysis and optimisation. Over the last decade, he has worked on interactive simulations for both scientific problems and computer games and understands the performance constraints that these settings require.

David has designed and built custom sensor equipment, remote data logging and sensor data collection networks, working at the interface of the physical and computational realms.

As an academic, David has taught at many levels including visiting high school students, undergraduates and at a graduate (master) level. Topics of these classes range from applied geology field trips, to theory, to classes on numerical methods and simuation techniques.

This history of work at the edge of mathematical theory, Engineering and Computer Science culminated in launching DKGR Data Systems to reach out and find new projects and to continue to bridge the gap between traditional Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Working on such a broad range of projects has helped David to understand the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects required to complete projects that involve systems, simulations and data analytics.

David also studies game design as a way to better understand model inference, one of the key areas required to reach Artificial General Intelligence.

These skills provide are the foundations that underly the services provided by DKGR Data Systems.

If your project involves collecting data, simulating, understanding or visualising data, we can help you gain insights and extract value.

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